Текст песни Alan Silvestri - Me

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
What do I see? 
That''s the question I''m most afraid of, 
One that asks me what I''m really made of. 

What do I see? 
Much more than a reflection, 
Romance, with sheer perfection. 

I see me, I see me, 
Actress, woman, star and lover. 
Sister, sweetheart, slave and mother. 
I see me and I like what I see, 
Virgin, temptress, dream of others. 
Yes, it''s me! Yes it''s me! 

(Chorus) We see you! 
(Meryl) You mean me? 
(Chorus) Idol, goddess, shameless hussy, 
(Chorus) Diva, princess, lude and lusty! 

Ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah 
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, 


(M) That''s not me! Can''t be me! 
(C) Angel, devil 
(M) You can trust me! Mon ami! I see... 


Ooh, ooh! 

(M) Everywhere I look, baby, all I see is? 
(C) A contradiction! 
(M) Oh, come on! 
(C) A bad addiction! 
(M) Knock it off! 
(C) An inspiration 
(M) That''s more like it! 
(C) For a generation! 
(M) Now you''re talkin?! 

(C) That''s you! 
(M) That''s meeee-eeee!