Love Is My Disease

Текст песни Alicia Keys - Love Is My Disease

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Love Is My Disease
Alicia Keys
 When you're gone it feels like,
 my whole world's gone with you
I thought love would be my cure but now it's my disease
i try to act mature but I'm a baby when you leave
how can i ever get used to being without you?

 baby, baby, baby, baby  i addicted
 when i need you here all the time?
 and I'm not sure if this is healthy is it a sickness?
 'cuz i feel like I'm losing my mind
and i know that there's no medicine
nothing i can take, no remedy
baby please stay (ohohoohh)

oh oh oh baby, baby, baby i get a fever
 just the thought of you leaving my side ohohhhh
and i'm not the same 'til you're back holding me
that's all i need

 here's what I'm going through when your gone
 some serious symptoms of withdrawal
 tossin' and turning in my bed
 waking up drenched in a cold sweat
 lying here lonely for you
 what  i supposed to Do
 when i'm stuck and i cant get enough of your
lovvvee Ohohoh woahhh Baby
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