Dooset Daram

Текст песни Arash - Dooset Daram

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Dooset Daram
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I remember when i met you
You were walking in the rain
And the autumn leaves were falling
Only you can kiss the pain 2x
Har shab too khateratam
Donbale radde patam
Beri harjaie donya
Paa be patam
are paa be patam
(I'm looking for your footprints
In my memories every night
Wherever in the world you Go to,
I'll follow you closely 2x)

Dooset daram,
Dooset daram,
Dooset daram,
Bemon baa man
(I love you,
I love you,
I love you, stay with me)
Only you can kiss the pain
It's driving me insane,
When the clouds turn into rain

You disappeared into the darkness
But our memory lives on
I dream there's no tomorrow
I woke up and you were gone/ 2x
Bargard nazar dobare
Az chesham baroon bebare
Bia ke ghalbe tanham
Paize bi bahare 2x
(Come back,or my eyes
Will be rainy again,
Come to me,my heart
Is an autumn of no spring 2x)