Dont Want You Back

Текст песни Backstreet Boys - Dont Want You Back

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Dont Want You Back
Backstreet Boys
Heya, this is My 2nd BSB Tab, i didn't find this AMAZING song and i Love it soo much. I 
Played the Chords and the song was eventually Tabbed :P... ENJOY

i had to update cuz UG mixed the Chords together and made it impossible to read, hope 
is Better!!

Album: Millennium
Artist: Backstreet Boys
Song: Don't want you back
Tab By: DJ Jones


Standard Tuning.
Chords used in this Tab:
: 244222
: 000232
: 022100
: 143121


Don't, don't want you back

(intro) x4
Sturm  4 time then:

     You hit me faster
than a shark attack

You saw my picture on the
Backstreet's Back, alright

      And you were more
than just a pretty face

But how you fooled me
I'm still amazed babe

       But I should have known
 that I would be

Another victim of your

        But now we're done
 and over with

Don't, don't want you back

(The  chord could be repeated 4 times
like the intro or play it once with the word "BACK")

Don't want you back
Cuz you're no good for me, I know
That's all I can say

Don't want you back
For-give my honesty but you gotta go

I--I don't want you back

       You started going out
with so-called friends

But I was blinded so
I lost all common sense

      But there were things
that made me realize (realize)

     Like all the hundred no...
thousand lies

[Repeat Chorus]

[Bridge] (each chord strum once)


       don't bother telling me your reasons why
    Just let us sing this story 'bout you and I

             Don't want you back
That's all I know
(don't want you back, don't want you back)

All I can say
       Don't want you back
You know you gotta go

Hey ya

that's It. hope it's right, you know how to contact me if there are any mistakes at teenz_beat@hotmail.com.

see yaz
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