Faithful To The End

Текст песни Bethel Music - Faithful To The End

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Faithful To The End
Bethel Music
From the album Have It All

We're heaven spun creations
His pride and adoration
  Treasures woven by His love

His careful hands they hold us
Safe within His promise
  Of calling and of destiny

I will sing of all You've done
  I'll remember how far You carried
From beginning until the end
  You are faithful, faithful to the end

 Father's heart that's for me
 never-ending story
Of love that's always chasing me

His kindness overwhelming
And hope for me unending
  He's never given up on me

There wasn't a day that you weren't by my side
There wasn't a day, that You let me fall
And all of my life, Your love has been true
And with all of my life I will worship you
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