Текст песни Бумбокс - Nevertheless

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
She's got a place to go and place cold hole
and everyone knows we know this.
Ruther same it's really time to throw worth up
The rule is rap the ruses.

Still in the heart is place for hurt to be
She got it be is almost empty.
for love for the true in ancient forward tree
Wherever story has no ending, and a

        always less confidence and
        forget your lonely loneliness
        and be glad, bag in your be glad.
        Nevertheless she's crying
        Saving my own in two-two,
        girl, can't just see I'm trying
        Stayin' in love with  you.

She should happy more time and f you of
Schist a good, she never show it.
and even when and one trap you up
She's musing fight, she's musing fight.

Still in the stole this place for hope to be 
Your better bier it's almost empty.
No comedy without a tragedy
and yet the story has no ending, no.

I guess, we growing down, I guess we falling high...
I guess, we growing down, I guess we falling high...
Like they say, take my five and better smile than  cry...
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