Текст песни Catfish And The Bottlemen - Rango

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
Catfish And The Bottlemen
This song is really easy to play. I'm 99,9% sure that those chords are right.
Have fun.

Capo 6

Chords used: 

, , , , , 


, , , 

Darling I'm done for once.
And as soon as I get out of here, 
I plan on coming back for nothing,
But then again there's you.
And although this town does flaunt
All the stuff you need to feel at home,
I plan on taking from it nothing,
But then again there's you.


You see, Abby she's got to wait,
Until she gets you on your own.
So she can make you make mistakes,
And you can offer to take her home.

--                            --

--                            --
And now she's wearing that top you love.
And she's topping it all off.
By acting like something's up.
She always knew how to pull the strings.

Solo: , , , 
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