Blasphemous Rumours

Текст песни Depeche Mode - Blasphemous Rumours

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текст песни (слова) "Blasphemous Rumours"

Blasphemous Rumours
Depeche Mode
Blasphemous Rumors - Depeche Mode
Transcribed from the 101 Songbook. Enjoy.

Girl of sixteen whole life ahead of her,
Slashed her wrists, bored with life.
Didn't succeed, thank the Lord,

for small mercies.

Fighting back the tears, mother reads the note again,
Sixteen candles burn in her mind.
She takes the blame, it's always the same,
she goes down on her knees and prays.

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours, but I
think that God's got a sick sense of humour, and
when I die, I expect to find Him laughing.

[End Chorus]

Girl of eighteen, fell in love with everything,
Found new life in Jesus Christ.
Hit by a car, ended up
On a life support machine.

Summer's day, as she passed away,
Birds were singing in the summer sky.
Then came the rain, and once again,
a tear fell from her mother's eye.
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