Текст песни Depeche Mode - Jezebel

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Depeche Mode
Put Sound of the Universe in your cd player and play along with this wonderful 
song. It's in the key of G#minor but you can transform it a half step up to Aminor 
like in the Demo-Version. Also you can play first chords as normal minor chords. 
Greets to all Depechies!

Special chords:
Bmmaj7  x24332 or xx9776

They call you Jezebel    
[Bmmaj7]Whenever we walk in
you're going straight to hell
[Bmmaj7]For wanted acts of sin - they []say,
and that I'll have to []pay
But I need []you just this[] way

They call you Jezebel
[Bmmaj7]For what you like to wear
[G#m9You're morally unwell
[Bmmaj7]They say you never care for[] me
But what the fail to []see is that your []games are the [] key

Open their eyes to the [] beauty
Open their hearts to [] the fun
Open their minds to [] the idea that [] you don't own some[]one

[], [] [], [] [], [] []

They call you Jezebel
[Bmmaj7]Whenever men walk by
They say that they can tell
[Bmmaj7]The longing in your eyes is []real
and how you really[] feel
But they can't []see your []appeal

[], [] [], [] [], [] []

      Bb5-B5     B5-Bb5       (4 times)

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