Better In Stereo

Текст песни Dove Cameron - Better In Stereo

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Better In Stereo
Dove Cameron
This is the theme song to the Disney Channel TV show: Liv and Maddie. 
Performed by Dove Cameron. Have fun playing it!

, , Better in stereo / stereo, stereo/  , , Better in stereo / stereo, stereo/ 

I'm up with the sunshine /(Let's Go!)/ I lace up my high-tops /(Oh No!)
Slam dunk, ready or not /Yeah show me what you got/
I'm under the spotlight /(Holler!)/I dare you, come and follow /
You dance to your own beat /I'll sing the melody when /

You say "yeah"/ I say "no" when /You say "stop"/All I wanna do is go, go, go

You(You), the other half of /me(Me),the half I'll never/
Be (Be)/the half that drives me crazy
You(You), the better half of /
Me/(Me) the half I'll always 
need  (Need) we both
Know, we're better in stereo/ 

Better in stereo/ Better in stereo

And when we're together/(Oh Yeah!) / A sweet harmony, oh so/ 
If we could just agree /We would go major league, But /

You say "yeah" / I say "no" when /You say "stop" /All I wanna do is go go go/Oh Oh

You say "it's /wrong" I say "it's right" /You say "it's black"/I say it's white
You take a left, I take a right /  But at the end of the day we both/ 
Know, You, You /Me, Me/You, You,/Me Me/We both know/