Текст песни Ghost - Boo

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
Boo-oo wi haffi sing boo
To all a di fafunky crew
Bo-oo wi hafi sing boo
Nuh cater, if yuh a wah


Skinhead deadhead, everybody gone mad
Situation allegation, everybody agregation
In a sink on the loose, everybody dog loose
Bang bang shot dem, some a dem haffi dead
All I relly wanna say, we dont really like number two
Monster Shack and Scare Dem Crew
All I really wanna say we dont really like number two, yeaah

1. From the day mi born mi a hear bout Adam and Eve
An some man a turn it inna Adam and Steve
Well, dem type a ting deh mek badman greive
unnuh a hear man Steve
Sometime when mi tired mi jus guh home guh rest
In spite how mi tired when mi see mi girl breast
Mi jus hug up mi girl nuh stop kiss and caress
While another man a feel another man chest


Tell me what have they done to their lives
They have a wife and two children who love them
Now they are being the victim of a badman gun
Bout dem waa touch up the man son
Yuh know what I'd really love to see
Is mi girl on a nightee
but mi just caan understand Romie gone wid Steve
Mi nuh understand Romieeeeee
So him a 


RPT Verse 1.
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