Lord You Are Good

Текст песни Hillsong United - Lord You Are Good

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Lord You Are Good
Hillsong United
It's me again Treon.I'm not too sure of who sings this song but I found 
someone on playlist.com who sings it. Hillsong. I really like this song and I 
havn't seen this tabbed yet and everyone is wanting to learn it so that they can 
play it themselves. 

,,, 3x
Lord you are good and you mercy indure it forever. 2x
                                                    jus strum down here
People from every nation and tonge. From generation to genaeration.

We worshiup you. Halleujah hallaeujah. We worship you.
For who you are.     You are good. 

yes you are 4x while the break is going on


Vers 1 Then Chorus:

This was tabbed by Treon M.Jackson
and check out some others that i've tabbed. East to West By Casting Crowns. rate 
them comment do what ever just learn them. Thanks again and God bless

Bridge: You are good all the time And all the time you are good.3x

Hey thanks Again
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