Future Love

Текст песни Lady Gaga - Future Love

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Future Love
Lady Gaga
Future Love - Lady Gaga (mother monster) 
It's my first tab, so please have mercy.

Capo on 1st 

It's nice to meet you.
Your very cute.
Rubber man.

 I can't help myself,
 I'm in love.
 And when I get back from outer space,
 I'm gonna punch him in his face.

He's the moon,
Then I'm eclipsed
I'm so lunar yeah,

When I get to him ,
I'll run him over with my rocket ship.

My eyeliner,
Runs, in, constellations
For you dear.
If only, I could,
Reboot my mechanical heart,
I'd think clear.

Baby I'm feelin' so out of this world,
Baby with you I'm a different girl,

(Uh-oh, oh)
You're my future love.
Baby could we make a home in the stars,
Baby somewhere in a galaxy far,

(Uh-oh, oh)
You're my future love.


I want your f-f-f-f-future love,
I want your f-f-f-f-future love,
Would you be my f-f-f-f-future love,

I want your f-f-f-f-future love
Would you be my f-f-f-f-fu-ture man,
I wanna f-f-fuck you hard as I can,
Would you be my f-f-f-future man,
I wanna f-f-f-future man.

Just keep going with that progression and you're all set! Good luck!
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