The Glide

Текст песни Mac Miller - The Glide

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Microphone check 1-2, 1-2
Hey, Aha
I figured I'd get funky for a second if that's okay with y'all
Uh huh, uh huh
It go, it go
Hey, hey, look, uh, yeah, yeah

They probably used to this Jewish kid
Foolin' with the music shit
Ludacris sleepover bitch
She feel it in her uterus
I'm generous and clever with
This effort so intelligent
Sentence wreckin' in seconds
Invest in it for the hell of it

Tell a bitch she outie if you smell a fish, hell no
Hand or soap propeller go and get a fix
Never hear the end of it
Laughin' with your friends like some degenerates
But be nice, these females' feelings are kind of delicate
Never get the etiquette
Boy I'm an asshole
5 star restaurant smokin' green tobacco
And Treejay only eat it with Tabasco
He never try that tuna-noodle casserole
Ha ha ha, he he he, what the fuck was that
Mothafucka I'm skiid
Learned to smoke weed before I ever learned to read
Hey kids you can be just like me!

And now we go front, back, side to side
Everybody just glide
If you gettin' high throw your hands in the sky
And do that shit one more time
Say we go front, back, side to side
Everybody just glide
If you gettin' high throw your hands in the sky
Tell the person to your left that you're fly (I'm fly)

[Verse 2: Palermo Stone]
So fly baby buzzin' like an insect
Buggin' every track that I infest, been best
Simple intellect, feelin' that I've been up next
Feeling all the interest in puttin' all the hate to rest
No atheist, but self made
Great team, we just trying to get ourselves paid
Never been on E, all my boosters pump gas for me
Gassed up like a hummer for the summer
And everything I did was a runner for the numbers
All the critics got a woody, the foundation with the lumber
Fronters, will never get no shine
Y'all struggle through life, and we just gon' glide
Hop on the bandwagon, squeeze for the ride
Trees for the trip, beans for my high
Reach for the sky, yea it's worth a try
But you still couldn't touch a man this fly

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