Текст песни Mac Miller - Poppy

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
[Produced by Buckwild]

Had to do this one
One time

[Verse 1]
Hello death, it seems that we meet again
You keep taking friends that I'll never see again
I guess they gotta leave, but if we pretend
That they never left, well we gonna see them then
Never leave our heart, never leave our thoughts
As time goes by they'll never be forgot
Life goes on, though I wish that they was there
Shit like this ain't never gonna seem fair, yeah
So can I have a moment of silence
For anyone who's gone from the coldness of violence
And I know you wanna see me go to college
But I'm sorry I don't think that I'mma make it
Cause this world is mine for the takin'
So when I get famous they gonna know what your name is
And no one understand what the pain is
And how the blood runs numb where my veins is
I'd like to thank you, cause you made me a man
Told me to never let it go so I'm taking a stand
Always in the crowd when I played in the band
Your grandson is everything I say that I am
And maybe I am, a little bit over my head
But I'm feeling so alone tryna cope with your death
Holdin my breath, wishing I had one more day
Wishing you could be there when I graduate
Uh, and its sad to say that no one in this room understand me
I know you had to leave, so rest in peace, but please can you watch over Nanny?
Cause she loved you, and I love you
All the prayers I'm saying may bug you
But I'm just checking in on what you up to, so how they treating you up there?
Too stubborn for a cane, way too cool
Sleeping at your house, walking me to school
Thought I was a fool when my grades start slippin'
When I played ball you was always in admission
You, loved me more than I've been loved before
And thats a type of thing that everyone ignores
But not me, you got me
Always and forever, poppy

[Hook x2]
Times goes by, going without you
Hope you know, I've been thinking about you
And I know, I know, I know, I know that they took you from your home
But you're in my heart, so I'm never gonna be alone