Portal 2 - Good Morning Aperture

Текст песни Misc Computer Games - Portal 2 - Good Morning Aperture

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Portal 2 - Good Morning Aperture
Misc Computer Games
Oh-oh-no,This isn't good. 
I don't think this should 
Be flashing here.
That sound's alarming
It isn't right,
So let there be light!
Let's wake up this place 
Get things back on pace 
I'm going to need a way out of here
Oh-oh-no Wake up the girl
'Cause it's time to start testing, I fear. 

Good morning, Aperture! 
Though you've seen better days, I'm sure
If my dreams will e'er come true
This is something I have to do. 
Good morning, Aperture! 
And if she can prove to be the cure
Maybe we two can succeed!
She and I'll be freed!

Oh-oh-my Look how you're dressed... 
It seems all that rest was good for you.
Hang on real tight and I'll move the room 
To dodge certain doom
The barriers and wall,
We'll break through them all
And then I'm afraid it's all up to you.
Just find the gun
'Should be easy, it's glowing bright blue.

Good morning Aperture! 
Hey, are you still alive down there?
On the off chance you're not yet dead 
I'll meet up with you just ahead 
Good morning Aperture! 
If the tests you can somehow endure,
Soon enough we'll both be free!
Just you stick with me.

I care for this place 
I care for you folk
My life has a meaning, I'm not a joke 
But now the facility's falling apart
The tests are still waiting
So you'd better start!  

There may be a chance
That although you can dance you're not right inside 
If you could just say hello to me
We'll quickly see... 
See, that's not "hello" - oh well, we'd best go.
A little brain damage is good, I've heard.
It is I swear
You'll be just fine - what, a doctor, now don't be absurd!
You're gonna do great love. Go get em Tiger.

Welcome to Aperture,
Now if we can just skirt 'round Her,
Everything will be -OK.
Follow me, now, don't go that way!
Good morning, Aperture!
And if we can just make it past Her! 
Soon enough we'll both be free!
Soon enough we'll both be free
Come along with me!
Come along with me!
Come along with me!