Текст песни Nf - Lie

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I heard you told your friends that
I'm just not your type
If that's how you really feel, then
why'd you call last night?
You say all I ever Do is just control your life
But how you gonna lie like that, how you gonna lie like that?

Yeah, I heard you said I ain't the
 type for you

I don't regret it though, I learned from it
They should have you locked up
for all the time you stole from us, woo

Took you out when I had no money
Only person that you ever cared about was you, that's why it's so
You want somebody that'll keep you warm at night, then, tell me, why you actin' cold to me?

You ain't the only one to blame, no one the one that made you rich
when I bought every lie you sold to me

Yeah, heard you threw away the pictures
But you still got the memories of us, so I guess I don't really make a difference

Flippin' through 'em in your head
Got you texting me all hours of the night
Yeah, you told me that you needed distance
What's the deal with you?
You say you want a man that keeps it real
Then why you mad when I get real with you?
You want someone to pay the bills for you
Went from failin' you, now I feel for you, liar

Look, let me guess, you want to stay friends?
Tellin' people that's how we been?
Tellin' everybody, yeah, that we was barely speakin'
Ah, that's kinda funny, why'd you call me every day then?
It's immaturity, you goin' off the deep end
You just want somebody you can chill and get some drinks with, cool
Then don't hit me on the weekend, tellin' me you missed the way we talked and how I listen, yeah

Why you playin' with my mind, huh?
Why you playin' with my time, huh?
Told me, "We should let it Go and put it all behind us"
That's what I did, now you askin' me what I done, I was

Waitin' for this day, I saw it comin'
I think you just like attention, tryna tell me all your problems
I got issues of my own, I ain't got time for all this drama
You told me that you don't really wanna talk then why you callin', huh?

How you gonna lie, how you gonna lie like that?
Baby, how you gonna lie, how you gonna lie like that?
How you gonna lie, baby, how you
gonna lie like that?
No, no, how you gonna lie like that?

Tell me how you 'bout to lie like that
Tell me how you 'bout to lie like-
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