Текст песни Novo Amor - Callow

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Novo Amor
Artist: Novo Amor 
Title: Callow
Tabbed by: Woyan

Standard tuning
Capo 1st fret.

My first tab here. I am not 100% sure if this this right but there is no other version. 
The  is in the Bridge is whats wrong i think.

There is also this little riff that comes at the end in the chorus:


s stands for slide

Hold your tongue we never swayed,
pour the faults all away
Cold in lungs and in face
A golden heart, of what became?

It was an awful lot for our young days
Is it love you want 'cause it's love you've made

The cheer within will find a home,
the fear you bring burns below
I can taste the wait and watch you waste away
But I can't face the days, you were born astray

It was an awful lot for our young days
and what an ache i've made for a hollow embrace,
with the blood you flaunt why would you stay

I'm stackin' up on what i'll take,
but the ballot doesn't hold your name
You're wrapping up when winter fades,
I'm holding on the callow ways.

[ then  until next  in the outro]

It was an awful lot for our young days
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