Dance Now

Текст песни Planetshakers - Dance Now

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Dance Now
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Dance Now Planetshakers
Key =  Tempo 121

I'm not holding back, I've got to give You praise

With every part of me I'm breaking out

I've got to let You know that You're my everything

With every part of me I'll praise You now


And I will dance and sing, You know I'm going to shout it out

For You my King 'cause You are all I need now

 It's time to get up and dance 'cause we're free now

 It's time to lift up your praise and shout it out now

 It's time to break off the chains 'cause it's a brand new day

And everything is OK, let's dance


Interlude    A Repeat x4


Dance now, everybody shout now

Lifting up our praise loud

Dancing in this freedom we know
(Repeat x4)

Ending     (x4)
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