Your Presence

Текст песни Planetshakers - Your Presence

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
Your Presence
-  -  -   (x2) 

All of my life I've searched for You Lord
You called me to Your side
With all of my heart
I'm desperate for more
Your presence is my life

 -  -       
The cry of my heart
 -  -           
Is to be where You are

I love Your presence
I love Your presence
Father where You are is where I wanna be
Hidden in Your courts is everything I need

I love Your presence
I love Your presence
I can hear You call, I run into Your arms
Jesus You are all, my heart is longing fot

You are my strength, You are my strength
You are my shield
Surround me with Your song
All that my soul will know is Your peace
You hide me in Your love

Instrumental: ¬  -  -  -  (x2)

Father You are my heart's desire
Overwhelmed I will worship You
I will dance to the dance of heaven
All my heart be enthralled by You
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