The Shadow

Текст песни Shawn James - The Shadow

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The Shadow
Shawn James
There I was just mindin' my own business
When I saw a shadow out the corner of my eye
I'd seen that shadow once before, in my life
Well, it was the day my Father died
So I turned and I fled, but that shadow gave chase
Caught me down a dead end way
To my surprise when he opened his mouth
Well, I could hear my Father say

He said, "Son, I know just where you've been, yeah
and I know just how you'll meet your end.
You better turn from the path that you're on
lest you end up just like your old man.
HOLD UP, WAIT  MINUTE there man! Like...
Did you forget who you were?
You used to beat my mother down.
Well, she left your sorry ass, because you wouldn't choose

your wife and son over your booze.
Now, I ain't a damn thing, like the man you USED to be.
You better Go back to where you belong, ohh
and maybe then you'll begin to see
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