Afraid Of The Dark

Текст песни Sorta - Afraid Of The Dark

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Afraid Of The Dark
Sorta - Afraid Of The Dark
from Sorta (2008)

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oh my son, don't be afraid of the dark
it's all in your mind
no they're not coming to get you at the park

but don't talk to anyone
'cause you can never be certain who they are
when they start to run
you're not gonna have to run very far

so pass along
pass the bar, but don't be so cavalier
you know all day long, we all work so hard
but don't be fooled by how insecure you are
'cause when you start to fall
you're not gonna have to fall very far

oh that's the way it was always gonna be
but what was that supposed to mean
now you just sit around and watch the TV every night
I don't even think you see the stains on the sheets

oh, it's over (repeat)
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