Tea And Biscuits

Текст песни The Kooks - Tea And Biscuits

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текст песни (слова) "Tea And Biscuits"

Tea And Biscuits
The Kooks
Kooks - Tea and Biscuits

      And show you the city as i see her, how i knew her
      She is my beauty queen and my lover, yes i love her
      She'll take me to where i want to go.

       But out of my blue sky, i see you for who you are. 

Repeat Verse

Repeat Chorus

      ||  |    |  |  || play 4 times

Repeat Chorus

|| |  |  |  || Play 4 Times
       || |   |  |  || Play 4 times

Chords are by ear so may be a few mistakes

Connor Francis Willcocks
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