Were My Otp

Текст песни Troye Sivan - Were My Otp

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Were My Otp
Troye Sivan
[intro] [, , , ]

Valentines day is creeping up on me
Still staring at you on my computer screen
Writing a fanfic in the middle of the night cause
This will bring us closer right?
You've never met them the peasant cried
Shut the fuck up bitch do you want to die?
And I've told you before are you deaf
I've fallen in love with a g-I-f
Baby you and me
We'd be so sexy oh


Bieber Fever , One Direction Infection
Whatever floats your boat
What's your addiction
You tumblr you make it so much worse
You make me feel the feels right where it hurts
I love you always I love you 5eva
I love you as much as I love nutella
[pause for 2 bars/2 chord lengths]

Baby you and me
We'd be so sexy oh

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