You Ruined The 1975

Текст песни Lizzy McAlpine - You Ruined The 1975

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You Ruined The 1975
Lizzy McAlpine
For the whole song, you're only fingerpicking the , , and  strings.

:    5-x-7-6
:  9-x-9-10
: 2-x-2-2
:  7-x-7-7
:   0-x-0-1
:  2-x-2-3

* - pluck once

You ruined The 1975
Now I listen and think about getting high
In your bedroom, windows open
Mom is home but we're still smoking

You ruined The 1975
            (or )
Now I listen and cry cause you sang
"We share friends in Soho,"
While you told me that none of your friends know

And I hated you for that
But it's been 2 years now
And I really just hate you
For making me hate my favorite band