Just Breathe

Текст песни Luke Trepp - Just Breathe

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Just Breathe
Luke Trepp
okay! alright,, um?
just breathe, you got this
just take a step and drop it
compliment her hair and
jump in, tell her she's cute just c'mon something
here: count to three
and sweep that girl right off her feet
1: my nerves are crossing
2: my mind is numbing
3: my hands are shaking
"hi nice to meet you, my name's luke and it's uh"
hey it's okay! she replied
you don't have to tell her your goodbyes
just look up, stare into her eyes
and tell her that shes a delight!
you've had a wonderful night
maybe like a kiss to sign
your upmost independence
and super male peak alpha presence
a present! just for her
just don't trip up on your words
"i,, um,, fuck! i i i love you!"
no thats too soon!
u met this girl this afternoon
okay fuck,, she's looking scared
maybe like should've came prepared
with a poem, a haiku, maybe a song
"you know i could've killed you and hidden you with a rug"
what the fuck!?
did you just say that
you fucking psychotic maniac?
okay think think think THINK!
she's gone...
no! um,, bye..