Born To Run

Текст песни Penelope Scott - Born To Run

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Born To Run
Penelope Scott
Are you really gonna save the world like that?
With your tits half out on Instagram?
I mean, yeah, motherfucker that was always the plan
I'm gonna wear this shit to congress, man

Hop off my dick
Your Nixon smile makes me fucking sick
You should be just as wrecked as I am
I'm pretty fucking angry that you're not

And when thots and animals
Storm the capital
You'll watch c-span for fun
'Cause it's a fucking drag
And it's crazy sad
But you'll Do what's gotta be done

Life and liberty
Sometimes property
The right to try to feel good
Her heart is pure
The math checks out
So what's the move?

How could you Do this when I learned my rights from you?